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Wine tours in Portugal: Discovering Touriga, Portugal’s Pedigreed Grape

The Taste of Touriga: an unforgettable Wine Tour in Portugal. Every wine tells a story, and if we wanted to tell a truly Portuguese tale, it would probably start with a “T”. Among the many Portuguese grape varieties, Touriga Nacional is perhaps the most distinctive. And Wine Tours in Portugal are a great way of understanding just why. Wine lovers and travel enthusiasts from around the world are becoming more and more curious about the characteristics and history of this matchless variety endemic to Portugal. Our tailor-made Wine Tours in Portugal are just what they need to raise their glass to life!

Born and Raised in Portugal: discovering Touriga in one-off wine tours in Portugal

A carefully planned, exclusive wine tour in Portugal will take you to the heart of the matter: the vineyards where the matchless Touriga grape is grown and harvested to give birth to some of the best wines in the world, and the cellars of the historical wine estates where these wines are produced. According to the leading wine magazine Wine Enthusiast, Touriga Nacional is Portugal’s “Pedigreed Grape”. Wine critic Roger Voss couldn’t spare compliments to the exceptional Touriga. From Douro to Dão, Wine Tours in Portugal will take you on a journey to unveil the secrets of Touriga, a structured, aromatic variety, known for its fruitiness and floral character.

Wine Tours in Portugal: the rebirth of Touriga Nacional

As you will discover in Wine Tours in Portugal, Touriga Nacional is now widespread in the country: from the Douro and Dão, its home regions, to the southern lands of Alentejo. But this huge popularity is in fact a rebirth. Touriga has almost disappeared in the 1970s, when it faced extinction. It survived thanks to the Port producers in the Douro Valley, who saw its “huge potential”. From there, it spread to the other regions that can be discovered in Wine tours in Portugal. Blended with other grape varieties, like the smooth Touriga Franca, it produces very balanced, elegant wines. From the steep Douro vineyards to the plains of Alentejo, Touriga Nacional is one of the stars of Wine Tours in Portugal.

Savoring a good story: Wine Tours in Portugal

Portugal’s iconic grape variety, Touriga Nacional, is internationally praised for its rare qualities. A chance to savor good wines and good stories, wine tours in Portugal present a not-to-be-missed experience, around Touriga and other varieties in Portugal’s rich wine “mosaic”. Wine experts from around the world agree that Touriga is best when blended with other varieties, producing some of the best wines in Portugal and giving them an unmistakable “aristocratic” elegance. Wine tours in Portugal will take you on a visit to the beautiful vineyards where the grape is planted, and the centuries-old cellars where these fabulous wines mature. Finally, the cherry on the cake: your wine tour in Portugal ends with a great meal, accompanied by a superb wine, in the company of the producers who will tell you incredible stories about the land and the wine-producing process.