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Tailor-made Tours in Portugal: Arrábida

Arrábida: Discovering the Art of Nature in a Tailor-Made Tour Blue and Green beauty in Arrábida Like a little piece of the Mediterranean looking over the Atlantic coastline, Arrábida is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal and perfect for a tailor-made tour. The stunning landscape of Arrábida is […]

Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal: 5 Places to Remember

A is for Azores: Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal Off-radar experiences, jaw-dropping views, exquisite food and wine moments. Tailor-made tours in Portugal are always wondrous.Where should you start in your tailor-made tour in Portugal? With episode Travel’s list of 5 places you should put on your map it should be easier […]

Handpicked hotels in Portugal: Vintage House

Handpicked hotels in Portugal: the charm of the Douro Valley Marrying wine and tourism is one of the most pleasurable ways of experiencing Portugal. At the Douro Valley, entrepreneurs and oenologists know this well. The cradle of Portugal’s best wines and a region of unblemished beauty, the Douro Valley is […]

Discovering Minho: Portugal’s most beautiful border

Magical Minho In the beginning, there was Minho Portugal began as a nation in the beautiful northern region of Minho. It was in Guimarães, that King D. Afonso Henriques and declared independence. For this reason, the Portuguese look at the most northern region of the country as the cradle of […]

Center of Portugal: Gardens and Vineyards

Discovering the Center of Portugal If you want to feel the heartbeat of this wonderful country, go to the center of Portugal. One of the most delightful regions in the country, the center of Portugal has plenty to offer. Spreading between Óbidos and the Serra da Estrela, the center of Portugal […]

Wine tours in Portugal: Vivid Vineyards

Vivid Vineyards September is the perfect month to explore Portugal’s unique wine culture. It’s wine harvesting season, and the occasion to embark in a bespoke wine tour in Portugal. With Episode Travel’s Wine tours in Portugal you will experience Portugal’s rich wine culture from within. Like a connoisseur. Like a […]

Wine Tours in Portugal: Around Lisbon

Wine Tours in Portugal: Around Lisbon The Region of Lisbon, your next stop for Wine Tours in Portugal Did you know that some of the best wines in Portugal are produced around Lisbon? Formerly known as Estremadura, the Wine Region of Lisbon is located north west of the capital and […]

Food & Wine tours in Portugal

Food & Wine tours in Portugal: Alentejo, a land to discover Alentejo, one of Portugal’s best-kept secrets, is a land full of beauty and traditions, increasingly known for its inimitable food and wine culture. Wine enthusiasts know that the region of Estremoz, in  Alentejo, is getting more attention as one […]

Wine tours in Portugal: The Douro at your feet

Wine tours in Portugal: Quinta de Covela   Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful properties of the Douro region, Quinta de Covela has been righteously described as a “cinematographic estate”. No surprise that this estate stands out as the center of one of the most exclusive, top-class wine tours in […]

Wine tours in Portugal

Wine tours in Portugal: Discovering Touriga, Portugal’s Pedigreed Grape The Taste of Touriga: an unforgettable Wine Tour in Portugal. Every wine tells a story, and if we wanted to tell a truly Portuguese tale, it would probably start with a “T”. Among the many Portuguese grape varieties, Touriga Nacional is perhaps […]