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Santar Garden Village: A Constellation of Splendid Gardens

Located at the heart of the Dão Wine region, Santar is a small village of 1000 inhabitants, known for its beautiful manor houses and centuries-old palaces. It offers a unique combination of religious and noble architecture, terroir, wonderful natural landscapes and winemaking traditions. It is also home to a constellation […]

Beautiful Garden Tours in Portugal

Botanical Bliss: Garden Tours in Portugal If you’re keen on botanical expeditions then Portugal is for you. As spring gives way to the gentle Portuguese summer, garden tours in Portugal are one of the loveliest ways to get to know this country. From May onwards, garden-related events take place in several […]

Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal: Wine Families

Getting familiar with the Wines of Portugal: Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal In Portugal, winemaking is often a family affair. From the Douro Valley to Alentejo, from the island of Madeira to Bairrada, Portuguese families of winemakers creatively blend tradition and innovation. In consequence, they produce some of the most exceptional […]

Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal: A Photographic Experience

Collecting Memories: Tailor-made Tours in Portugal Great photographers say it’s all about the light. And whether you are an amateur photographer or just love collecting memories with a camera, tailor-made tours in Portugal will give you plenty of opportunities to embrace the light! Portugal has an average of 3000 hours […]

Historical Villages in Portugal

Historical Villages in Portugal: Medieval Magic Discovering Portugal’s Historical Villages Only four people live within the walls of Sortelha, one of the 12 historical villages in Portugal. Yet, this is one of the most beautiful and ancient Portuguese villages, attracting visitors from Portugal and abroad. There are many reasons for […]

Discover the New Charming Boutique Hotels in Portugal

Top Boutique Hotels in Portugal Can’t miss boutique hotels in Portugal So, you’re planning your next trip to Portugal and wandering where to stay? Be prepared, as it will be a difficult choice, with so many charming new boutique hotels in Portugal to discover. We’ve traveled from Porto to the […]

Olive Tourism in Portugal

Olive Tourism in Portugal: Discover Portugal’s Liquid Gold All that glitters is not gold. But at Portuguese tables, olive oil is without a doubt one of the most precious treasures. Profusely used throughout Portuguese cooking, from the simple tiborna (warm bread dipped in olive oil) to the best imaginable companion […]

City Breaks in Portugal: Café Culture

The Portuguese Way of Life: City Breaks Around Coffee “Um cafézinho?” (a little coffee?) has to be one of the most widely used expressions in Portuguese. It really knows no boundaries. Everybody uses it, at all times. Its popularity reflects the preponderance of coffee and café culture in Portuguese life. […]

Food and Wine in Lisbon

Lisboeta: Food and Wine in Lisbon, the city of light A spoonful of Lisbon: Food and Wine in Lisbon Concocted with love by London-based Portuguese Chef Nuno Mendes, “Lisboeta” is a superb book about cooking and eating around the city of light. Halfway between the travel book and the cookbook, it’s […]

Architecture tours in Lisbon: New Icons

A Changing Urban Landscape: Architecture Tours in Lisbon The New Cruise Ship Terminal Lisbon’s spectacular new cruise ship terminal, designed by João Luís Carrilho da Graça is the city’s new landmark building. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in architecture tours in Lisbon. Opened this fall, this is a monumental, […]