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A is for Azores: Tailor-Made Tours In Portugal

Off-radar experiences, jaw-dropping views, exquisite food and wine moments. Where should you start in your tailor-made tour in Portugal? With episode Travel’s list of 5 places you should put on your map it should be easier to make up your mind.

You have to begin somewhere, so why not start with an A, for Azores?

Nature lovers, soft-adventure enthusiasts and seekers of seclusion will all fall in love with the volcanic beauty of the Atlantic archipelago. A great introduction to the Azorean mood is the island São Miguel. Here you can discover a myriad of thrilling landscaped sites. Terra Nostra Park, among them, is simply one of the most amazing gardens in Portugal.

There are other eight islands to explore. You will be welcomed by the outstanding beauty of the natural sceneries and the kindness of the people. In Pico, the second largest island in the archipelago, you will be amazed by landscape, where vines grow amongst the volcanic rocks. The landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture is part of UNESCO’s world heritage list. Voted second best island for sustainable tourism the Azores also has luxury hideaways where to seclude in style. With outstanding conditions for hiking, bird watching, scuba diving, whale watching and more, Azores is the ideal place for a tranquil retreat where you will feel connected to nature.

Memories of Madeira: Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal

Another amazing place you might want to explore is of course Madeira. A singular mix of nature and luxury, Madeira has been voted World’s Leading Island Destination. The emerald green sea, the mountains, the parks and gardens full of exotic plants and the beautiful levadas (small irrigation canals) are some of the ingredients of a wondrous tailor-made tour in Portugal. You will Discover the island’s lush landscapes and its most precious horticultural secrets, with exclusive visits to historic and private gardens. If you like soft-adventure, you will want to explore countryside in the unique Laurel Forest of Madeira, classified as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The Charm of Sintra: Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal

The dreamlike village of Sintra, tucked away in the mountains just half an hour from Lisbon is another must for a tailor-made tour in Portugal. With stunning monuments, singular palaces and manor houses, and amazing landscaped gardens, wherever you look Sintra in unmatchable. Don’t miss the Pena Palace and Park, for an immersion in 19th century romantic architecture, or the exceptional botanical collection and neo-gothic, eclectic style of the Monserrate Palace.

Douro Delight

This is the perfect tailor-made tour in Portugal for wine lovers with a strong aesthetic character. The lovely Douro Valley is the world’s oldest demarcated wine region. It offers a real immersion in the world of wine and winemaking framed by a landscape of rare beauty. Our tailor-made wine tours in the Douro Valley combine visits to the most exclusive and interesting wine estates with exploration of the natural and cultural heritage around them. Create an in-depth connection with the magic of Douro by visiting its quintas where grapes have been harvested for centuries. Indulge in fantastic wine tasting and gourmet experiences in the heart of the valley and recharge your batteries in a handpicked hotel.

Unveiling Porto’s Hidden Treasures

With equal parts of tradition and trendiness Porto is a marvelous city to discover. It is one of our cities of choice and anyone interested in history and architecture should include it on the itinerary. Tailor-made tours in Portugal are the best way to dwell in Porto’s charms. The historical center boasts a rare variety of periods and styles from Medieval, to Baroque, Art Deco and Contemporary, that makes the city so unique. Another element not to be missed is the ever-present English influence still palpable in the streets and buildings of Porto, as well as in the city’s way of life. A vibrant city with an enchanting past, centuries-old monuments are side by side with art galleries, contemporary art museums, iconic architecture and exquisite restaurants. What are you waiting for?