Local Culture

Historical Villages in Portugal

Historical Villages in Portugal: Medieval Magic Discovering Portugal’s Historical Villages Only four people live within the walls of Sortelha, one of the 12 historical villages in Portugal. Yet, this is one of the most beautiful and ancient Portuguese villages, attracting visitors from Portugal and abroad. There are many reasons for […]

Olive Tourism in Portugal

Olive Tourism in Portugal: Discover Portugal’s Liquid Gold All that glitters is not gold. But at Portuguese tables, olive oil is without a doubt one of the most precious treasures. Profusely used throughout Portuguese cooking, from the simple tiborna (warm bread dipped in olive oil) to the best imaginable companion […]

Soft adventure in Portugal

In touch with nature: soft adventure in Portugal If you’re looking for a gentle immersion in nature mingled with mild physical activity then soft adventure in Portugal is the perfect experience for you. Soft Adventure is one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. As travelers look for […]

The Sensational Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela: The Mountain At the top of the mountain, the sights are unbelievably wide and wondrous. At Serra da Estrela, mainland Portugal’s highest mountain, the air, the light and the views take on a different dimension. Scents too. Broom, heather and rosemary pass through the limpid air. A […]

Fado: the voice of Portugal

Fado: Past and Present Fado is so much more than a music genre. Whereas many associate it to the mournful word “saudade” (a very Portuguese kind of longing), it can also be vibrant and merry. Fado is such a rich and diverse kind of music that the lyrics can be about […]

Discovering Minho: Portugal’s most beautiful border

Magical Minho In the beginning, there was Minho Portugal began as a nation in the beautiful northern region of Minho. It was in Guimarães, that King D. Afonso Henriques and declared independence. For this reason, the Portuguese look at the most northern region of the country as the cradle of […]

Historical Manors of the North: Private Tours in Portugal

Historical Manors of the North: Private tours in Portugal The magic of tailor-made tours in Portugal is that, by picking the best places and meeting the right people, you experience the most genuine aspect of Portuguese culture. Take the North region, for instance. It is rich in some of the […]

Cultural Tours in Portugal: Heritage and Contemporary

Travelling with Art: Cultural Tours in Portugal with Episode Travel More and more travellers are looking for different, more authentic and immersive ways of discovering a destination as they travel. They want to go beyond the obvious, beneath the surface, interact with the locals and experience the best that the […]

Cultural Tours in Portugal: Évora

Évora: the capital of Alentejo, a Cultural Tour in Portugal The roots of Évora, the capital of the Alentejo province, go back to Roman times, and this is just one of the reasons why you should not miss it if you’re planning a cultural tour in Portugal. The ruins of […]

Food & Wine tours in Portugal

Food & Wine tours in Portugal: Alentejo, a land to discover Alentejo, one of Portugal’s best-kept secrets, is a land full of beauty and traditions, increasingly known for its inimitable food and wine culture. Wine enthusiasts know that the region of Estremoz, in  Alentejo, is getting more attention as one […]