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In touch with nature: soft adventure in Portugal

If you’re looking for a gentle immersion in nature mingled with mild physical activity then soft adventure in Portugal is the perfect experience for you. Soft Adventure is one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. As travelers look for different, non-traditional ways of discovering a destination and getting in touch with its natural wonders and culture, active tourism becomes a must. Soft adventure in Portugal has so many options waiting for you!

Whether you’re a modern nature dweller, a curious explorer, or both, you will feel at home in Portugal. With insanely beautiful beaches, incredible mountainous landscapes, exciting trails, rivers and lakes, soft adventure in Portugal comes naturally. This is kind of active tourism has more and more enthusiasts and in Portugal it’s impossible to get bored.

Soft adventure in Portugal: a slow-paced spirit of adventure

The country’s diverse regions have dozens of different activities for the seekers of soft adventure in Portugal. Why not start at the stunning Peneda Gerês National Park, Portugal’s vastest protected area, perfect for trekking and off-roading experiences for all ages and abilities? Or discover an entirely different side to the beautiful Douro Region, the country’s premier wine making spot, by cycling up its terraced slopes filled with vineyards?

If you are an adventurous lover of the sea, maybe you would like to go on an Atlantic whale-watching tour in the Azores, explore the waters of Madeira swimming of diving, or try some surf lessons in one of the fabulous beaches of the Costa Vicentina. On the other hand, the plains of Alentejo are perfect for horseback riding. Rock climbers and hikers of all kinds will just love the mountains of central Portugal, with activities for all levels.

Soft adventure in Portugal: of land and sea

One of the best things about soft adventure in Portugal is that you don’t have to be seriously fit to engage in this kind of experience. Activities will be designed and proposed according to your fitness level and overall health. Another great aspect is the diversity offered. Hiking, biking, paddling, canoeing and canyoning. In Portugal there’s a different kind of adventure every day.

Take the Arrábida region, an incredible mix of land and sea. Just a few kilometers from Lisbon, Arrábida offers an array of activities for travelers looking for an easy-going adrenaline kick. Whether it’s salt or turf that appeal the most to you, you will feel the call of nature in Arrábida. At the end of the day, you don’t have to be an intrepid traveler to look for a little bit of adventure in your life. If this is the case, then soft adventure in Portugal might just be what you need.

Natural Getaways: Soft adventure in Portugal

As you plan your soft adventure in Portugal, you´ll find out that comfort can be filled with the spirit of adventure! At Episode Travel with art, we will design a tailor made itinerary just for you. Following your tastes and at your pace, with just the right balance of thrill and chill. And we will pick the most perfect hideaways for your soft adventure in Portugal getaways. Soft adventure in Portugal is a great way to connect with the destination. You will experience the most untamed, genuine side of a great country, while enjoying extreme comfort.

Adrenaline-fueled experiences don’t have to be extreme! Even for those who’ve “been there, done that” there is plenty of joy in getting in touch with nature in a softer way. As travelers around the globe are more and more interested in a combination of different activities, soft adventure in Portugal is often combined with fabulous food and wine experiences, while staying at luxury retreats. Nature is often the highest luxury!