Private Tours in Portugal

Santar Garden Village: A Constellation of Splendid Gardens

Located at the heart of the Dão Wine region, Santar is a small village of 1000 inhabitants, known for its beautiful manor houses and centuries-old palaces. It offers a unique combination of religious and noble architecture, terroir, wonderful natural landscapes and winemaking traditions. It is also home to a constellation […]

Jewish Heritage in Portugal: A Vivid Identity

A Unique Experience: Jewish Heritage in Portugal Jewish presence in the Iberian Peninsula has existed long before Portugal itself became a country. Episode-Travel with art’s tailor-made tours around Jewish Heritage in Portugal will make you discover Sepharad in a resonant new way. The Jewish quarters in most of the country’s […]

Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal: 5 Places to Remember

A is for Azores: Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal Off-radar experiences, jaw-dropping views, exquisite food and wine moments. Tailor-made tours in Portugal are always wondrous.Where should you start in your tailor-made tour in Portugal? With episode Travel’s list of 5 places you should put on your map it should be easier […]

Unforgettable Tailor-made tours in Portugal

Tailor-made tours in Portugal: time-traveling in style In a country with nine centuries of history it seems natural that many travel experiences are really close to time-traveling. Tailor-made tours in Portugal are a great way to discover a country that literally breathes history. Portugal displays a beautiful mélange of modernity […]

Soft adventure in Portugal

In touch with nature: soft adventure in Portugal If you’re looking for a gentle immersion in nature mingled with mild physical activity then soft adventure in Portugal is the perfect experience for you. Soft Adventure is one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. As travelers look for […]

Handpicked hotels in Portugal: Vintage House

Handpicked hotels in Portugal: the charm of the Douro Valley Marrying wine and tourism is one of the most pleasurable ways of experiencing Portugal. At the Douro Valley, entrepreneurs and oenologists know this well. The cradle of Portugal’s best wines and a region of unblemished beauty, the Douro Valley is […]

Discovering Minho: Portugal’s most beautiful border

Magical Minho In the beginning, there was Minho Portugal began as a nation in the beautiful northern region of Minho. It was in Guimarães, that King D. Afonso Henriques and declared independence. For this reason, the Portuguese look at the most northern region of the country as the cradle of […]

Shopping in Lisbon

  Shopping in Lisbon: a small selection of not-to-be-missed shops Whether you’re window-shopping, on retail therapy or determined to take some bespoke souvenirs home with you, shopping in Lisbon can be extremely fun. Some of the best shopping in Lisbon happens at Baixa and Chiado. These two historical districts are […]

Private Tours Portugal: Inside Historic Libraries

Travel tales: cultural tailor-made tours in Portugal At Episode Travel we believe that every journey is the beginning of a great story. And if there is one place that holds the promise of recounting great stories, it’s the library. In your private tour in Portugal, be sure to include a visit to […]

Lisbon joins the Louis Vuitton City Guides Collection

Trend Alert: Lisbon joins the Louis Vuitton City Guides Collection What do San Francisco and Lisbon have in common? The hills, the tramways, an impressive suspension bridge, of course. And the fact that both cities have now joined the ultra-famous Louis Vuitton City Guide Collection. For Lisbon, a city already noted for its unique charm and bespoke […]