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Tailor-Made tours in Portugal: Tasting Paradise

Portugal is known for the beauty of its landscapes, the hospitality of its people, the weight of its history and yes, the superior taste of its food and wines. There are plenty of reasons to discover Portugal. And the best way to honor them all is by planning a customized, tailor made tour in Portugal. Which will take you to the places and experiences you are looking for. Nothing less and nothing more. Private tours in Portugal have been Episode Travel’s core service since day one. Whether its architecture, gardens, city breaks or Jewish heritage that interest you, we will prepare the kind of experience you are looking for. And this includes, of course, some memorable food and wine experiences to discover all that Portugal has to offer at the table too. Are you ready? Where shall we start?

Tailor-Made Tours in Portugal: Incredible Food and Wine Experiences

It is incredible how such a small country can include so many different food and wine expressions. As you will discover with our Private Tours in Portugal, from North to South of the country, it’s not just the landscape that changes, or the way people talk, in a language colored by so many different accents. It’s what people eat and drink too. The richness and variety of Portugal’s food and wine culture is really amazing. With different products and ways of cooking springing up from region to region, and city to city, creating a unique – and delicious – gastronomic canvas. Our tailor-made tours in Portugal, focusing on fabulous food and wine experiences, will show you the true taste of Portugal. Fantastic fish, the tastiest meats, marvelous wines, and yes, divine olive oil.

Private, Customized Tours in Portugal: Olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet

For more than 3000 years, Olive oil has been at the core of the Mediterranean Diet. This tradition, very strong at the Portuguese tables, is just one of the many surprises of Portuguese culture you will find in our handpicked tailor made tours in Portugal. In fact, the benefits of olive oil consumption for health (especially against heart diseases) are pointed out by specialists and supported by research worldwide.

As you will find, and this is the best part of the story, Mediterranean Diet, and its King, olive oil, are good for you, and good in taste. Portugal is home to some of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. With our private tours in Portugal, you will be able to find out how they’re made, and what’s really top, what makes them so exquisite! These are pretty good reasons to find out more about this precious liquid gold extracted from the olive trees in your next private tour in Portugal.

Private Tours in Portugal: Inside the world’s best olive oil mill

Portugal is the world’s fourth largest olive oil producer. The country produced one hundred tons of olives in the 2015/2016 and 76% of the harvest came from the Alentejo. A region which you can discover like a local through one of our customized, private tours in Portugal. It is precisely here, in this beautiful southern region, that the world’s largest olive tree plantation is located. And where’s an olive tree, there’s an olive oil mill. Such as the award-winning Lagar Oliveira da Serra, of producer Novena. A state-of-the art building designed by architect Ricardo Bak Gordon, stunningly placed at the heart of the huge estate, literally among the olive trees, which was chosen as the World’s Best Olive Oil Mill.