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Vivid Vineyards

September is the perfect month to explore Portugal’s unique wine culture. It’s wine harvesting season, and the occasion to embark in a bespoke wine tour in Portugal. With Episode Travel’s Wine tours in Portugal you will experience Portugal’s rich wine culture from within. Like a connoisseur. Like a local. Our tailor-made Wine Tours in Portugal will take you to the best wineries in the country, and open the doors of the most fabulous and ancestral wine estates in Portugal. With our Wine Tours in Portugal program, you will visit the properties, explore the vineyards, take part of the harvest and wine production process and enjoy a fabulous meal in the company of the most fantastic hosts: the wine producers.

Harvesting Time: Wine Tours in Portugal

The world-famous Douro valley is perhaps the most iconic of Portugal’s wine regions, but it’s not the only one. Episode Travel’s varied Wine Tours program will show you many other oenology gems worth discovering, such as the Alentejo, the region around Lisbon or Dão. Our Wine Tours in Portugal are a great way of discovering the diversity of a truly inspiring country, where wine traditions merge with contemporariness in a distinct way.

Wine Wonders: Bespoke Wine Tours in Portugal

Spellbinding food and wine experiences await you in Portugal. Design your wine tour in Portugal and find out why. In our tailor-made wine tours in Portugal, you will get a true taste of the terroir. We will introduce you to the people behind Portugal’s wine wonders and, like a friend, you will listen to their stories, have lunch in the middle of the vineyards, and sample the exquisite delicacies they are preparing and concocting. Red or white, always captivating, raise your glass to the good life with our tours in Portugal!

Tradition and Future

For the sybarites and the aesthetes alike, we’ve prepared other delights. Our wine tours in Portugal include visits to the countries’ most beautiful wineries, designed by renowned contemporary architects and equipped with state-of-the-art wine producing technology. On the list of our unique wine tours in Portugal. There are visits to private wineries, with wine sampling and lots of wine related activities, from harvesting to producing your own wine. Celebrate harvesting season with a fantastic wine tour in Portugal!