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Fish restaurants in Portugal: from boat to table

Fresh fish, any sybarite will tell you, is one of the most extraordinary delights one can try. There are several great fish restaurants in Portugal so if you’re a fish lover you’re lucky to visit us! It is no secret that the country has arguably the best fish in the world. And seafood too.

Locals will tell you that the best places to eat fresh fish in Portugal are on the coastline. There, you are unmistakably close to the source. The  sun-kissed beaches in Algarve, the restaurants over the Atlantic to the North, or old fisherman villages like Ericeira, where you can try some of the best seafood in the world, naturally come to mind. But some of the best fish restaurants in Portugal can be found in an utterly urban context. Fresh fish arrives every day, from boat to table, at the best fish restaurants in Lisbon and Porto.

Portugal has one of Europe’s largest fishing areas and there’s a huge fishing tradition in the country. At Portugal’s latitude, the generous Atlantic Ocean seems to have reached its climax to offer absolutely idyllic fresh fish. Not too warm, as towards the south, not freezing, though.

Fish Restaurants in Portugal: Fabulously Fresh

Sardines in summer, grilled grouper, a sublime seabass, or a portentous kingfish. There are so many options that the difficulty will be to choose among the best fish restaurants in Portugal. Portugal is becoming an insanely popular foodie destination. This is largely due to the exceptional quality of its fish and the way it is prepared. When it comes to cook fish, chefs agree that simplicity is the true sophistication. When you have the best fish in the world, add-ons become superfluous. In fact, with so many fabulous fish restaurants in Portugal, this destination is probably as close as you can get to a heaven-like gourmet experience with fish as the main course.

Of Salt and Sea: Fish Restaurants in Portugal

Clinging to the coastline, Portugal is one of the best spots in the world to delight with sea delicatessen in all forms. Not far from Lisbon, in the Sintra area, discover the beautiful wilderness of the coastline and try the freshest grilled fish with your feet near the sand. You can do this at the Adraga beach or in the small and lovely village of Azenhas do Mar. Further to the north, in Ericeira, you will find some of the best fish restaurants in Portugal. You can taste impossibly fresh fish and delicious seafood too. From North to South, along the coastline, fish is always super fresh and it is cooked and served in a myriad of ways. In the fishing village of Nazaré, the tradition of sun-dried fish can be tasted at Taberna d’Adelia.

Up north, the Costa Nova and the entire coastline from Porto to the border, offer an unforgettable experience for fish aficionados. Some of the best fish in Portugal is served in a truly Atlantic atmosphere, mingling with the smell of seaweed and the sea breeze. Going south, in Setúbal, the main street is a rhapsody of fantastic restaurants for grilled fish, don’t forget to try the delicious grilled red mullet. In the Algarve, one of the country’s best food markets, in Olhão, is a little island surrounded by an infinity of fish restaurants, popular tascas where you can try some of the best fish in the world, along with the seafood delicacies of the nearby Ria Formosa.