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Santar Garden Village: A Constellation of Splendid Gardens

Located at the heart of the Dão Wine region, Santar is a small village of 1000 inhabitants, known for its beautiful manor houses and centuries-old palaces. It offers a unique combination of religious and noble architecture, terroir, wonderful natural landscapes and winemaking traditions. It is also home to a constellation […]

Center of Portugal: Gardens and Vineyards

Discovering the Center of Portugal If you want to feel the heartbeat of this wonderful country, go to the center of Portugal. One of the most delightful regions in the country, the center of Portugal has plenty to offer. Spreading between Óbidos and the Serra da Estrela, the center of Portugal […]

Garden tours in Portugal: hidden treasures

The Magic of Buçaco Woods: Garden tours in Portugal A high wall with eleven doors surrounds the magical Buçaco Woods, at the far end of the Buçaco mountain. This wall was built by the Carmelite monks in the 17th century, to protect this unique botanical and spiritual treasure. The Buçaco woods, […]

Gulbenkian: 60 years of love for culture

Founded 60 years ago, the Fundação Gulbenkian remains one of the strongest and most cherished symbols of culture in Portugal. In the heart of Lisbon, this precious modernist building filled with treasures is the living legacy of Calouste Gulbenkian. Inside, outside, in the exhibition rooms, the concert hall, the art […]

Cultural Tours in Portugal: Enchanting Sintra

An unforgettable Cultural Tour in Portugal around Sintra   If you had to choose just one place to visit around Lisbon for an unforgettable cultural tour in Portugal, it should be Sintra. This UNESCO site is unanimously praised as one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, a definite must-see […]

Discovering the flamboyant gardens of Madeira Island

Madeira Island Halfway between the tropics and the old continent, Madeira Island is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in Portugal. Private and public gardens, historic gardens and contemporary parks, Madeira Island offers a profusion of experiences for amazing garden tours in Portugal. Among the landscape jewels of […]

Garden Tours in Portugal

Palácio Fronteira: A Top Notch Garden Tour in Portugal One of the five Portuguese gardens featured in “The Garden’s Gardener”, Phaidon’s fabulous compendium of the world’s most beautiful gardens, the Palácio Fronteira, in Lisbon, is an absolute must-see in any garden tour in Portugal. Built around 1675 by the First […]

Garden tours in Portugal

Garden Tours in Portugal: The spectacle of the blooming Camellia The period from January to March is the perfect time of the year to join a garden tour in Portugal and enjoy the spectacle of the blooming Camellia. This exotic botanical species is incredibly well suited to the conditions of […]

Garden Tours in Portugal

Garden Tours in Portugal: A Botanical Feast Portugal is not only about never-ending beaches and fabulous seascapes. In a country blessed by Nature, there is a lot more to discover. For nature lovers and garden aesthetes alike, Garden tours in Portugal are the promise of a true botanical feast. With […]