Madeira Island

Discovering the flamboyant gardens of Madeira Island

Madeira Island Halfway between the tropics and the old continent, Madeira Island is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in Portugal. Private and public gardens, historic gardens and contemporary parks, Madeira Island offers a profusion of experiences for amazing garden tours in Portugal. Among the landscape jewels of […]

Madeira Island

Madeira Island: the muse of poets and painters Madeira Island has recently been chosen as the world’s leading island destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards. But the fame of this dreamlike island is not new. In fact, the beautiful Atlantic island of Madeira, located only two hours from Lisbon, […]

Wine Tours in Portugal

Wine Tours in Portugal: Port, the crown jewel of Portuguese Wines Douro. Portugal’s most famous and celebrated wine region and also one of the country’s most sublime and unique landscapes. This is the starting point of a fascinating tale of land and nature, in an exceptional wine tour in Portugal. […]

Garden Tours in Portugal

Garden Tours in Portugal: A Botanical Feast Portugal is not only about never-ending beaches and fabulous seascapes. In a country blessed by Nature, there is a lot more to discover. For nature lovers and garden aesthetes alike, Garden tours in Portugal are the promise of a true botanical feast. With […]