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Wine tours in Portugal: Quinta de Covela


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful properties of the Douro region, Quinta de Covela has been righteously described as a “cinematographic estate”. No surprise that this estate stands out as the center of one of the most exclusive, top-class wine tours in Portugal.

Perched above the right bank of the Douro river in the granitic territory of the Entre-Douro-e-Minho region, home to Portugal’s renowned and refreshing Vinhos Verdes, Quinta de Covela has seen a lot of transformations since its founding in the 16th Century. In its time, Covela has been the property of one of Europe’s most celebrated film-makers, Manoel de Oliveira, and also of one of the scions of the Ramos Pinto port wine dynasty. In 2011, it passed into the hands of Brazilian entrepreneur Marcelo Lima and Tony Smith, a British journalist.


First harvest experience with Wine Tours in Portugal

Overlooking the Douro in a natural amphitheatre facing directly south on the river’s right bank, Quinta de Covela has been restored to pristine condition and now offers one of best wine tours in Portugal. Spread over 34 hectares (of which 14 are planted with vines) and enjoying a Mediterranean micro-climate, the estate produces wines that combine the freshness and minerality of the Minho with the power and strength characteristic of the Douro.

In addition to the traditional stone houses, winery and water mill, surrounded not only by vines, but also by oak forests, orchards and gardens, the estate has three modern houses and an imposing ruined manor house dating from the 16th century. Our personalized wine tour of the quinta will take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart of this unique estate. Douro winemaking


Wine Tours in Portugal: True to the terroir

The properties may be amazing, the landscapes truly thrilling, but Wine tours in Portugal wouldn’t be the same without a visit to the wineries and the vineyards. At Quinta de Covela, where some of the best wines in Douro are produced, you won’t be disappointed. With the owners particularly interested in keeping the wines as natural and as true to the terroir as possible, the extensive renovation carried out so far in the winery, warehouse and – most importantly – in the vineyards, has all been carried out according to organic farming principles. As part of its topnotch wine tours in Portugal program, Episode Travel with art can prepare a tailor-made visit to this fabulous estate.


Quinta da Boavista: a unique wine tour of one of Portugal’s most iconic properties.

With some of the highest terraces in Douro, and 9 hectares of century-old vines, Quinta da Boavista is the perfect complement to Covela, and our next stop in our exclusive wine tours in Portugal selection. Boavista was acquired by the two partners, Lima and Smith, in 2013, and is one of the most iconic properties of Douro, forever associated with Baron Joseph James Forrester, the historical figure who played a key role in mapping the Douro and its famous wine quintas in the 19th Century.


A tailor-made wine tour in Portugal to discover one of Douro’s treasures

A visit to the Quinta da Boavista will add an exceptional historic touch to your wine tour in Portugal. The estate was one of the original quintas included in the very first demarcation of the Douro wine region ordered by Portugal’s powerful first minister at the time, the Marquis of Pombal, back in 1757.  Its house was a frequent port of call for Baron Forrester and home for his descendants.

Located on the right bank of the Douro, close to the town of Pinhão, Quinta da Boavista enjoys spectacular views over the river. With a total of 78 hectares, it is known for its high-quality vines, spread out along a mosaic of vertiginous terraces, some up to six meters high, and almost all facing south for full exposure to the sun. These terraces, the dramatically steep, schist terrain and the extreme weather conditions make for a terroir that is unique in the Douro region.  Today, the estate is very well preserved, and is considered as a ex-libris of natural beauty in the Douro.