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Wine Tours in Portugal: Around Lisbon

The Region of Lisbon, your next stop for Wine Tours in Portugal

Did you know that some of the best wines in Portugal are produced around Lisbon? Formerly known as Estremadura, the Wine Region of Lisbon is located north west of the capital and promises one of the most exciting, diverse Wine Tours in Portugal.  Although wine has been produced here for centuries, in the past the region was known for quantity, not necessarily quality. But things have changed and this is why the region of Lisbon is getting more and more attention among wine enthusiasts, thanks to the production of some of the best wines in Portugal: elegant and aromatic reds and fresh and citric whites. These wines also offer a remarkably good price/quality ratio. All reasons why it should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for a different Wine Tour in Portugal, combining tradition and modernity.

Wine Tours in Portugal: Discovering the wines of Lisbon.

Here, the mild Atlantic climate, with fresh summers and soft winters, provides the best conditions for top quality wine production. If you love wine, and are familiar with the wines of Douro and Alentejo, then you should not miss the chance to discover Portugal’s freshest wine region: Lisbon. More than a promise, it is a reality, ready to be tasted in another fabulous Wine Tour in Portugal.

Wine Tours in Portugal: The richness of the Lisbon Wine Region

Our Wine Tours in Portugal designed to discover this wonderful wine region occupying an area of about 40km, will offer a chance to explore the 9 sub regions – Colares, Carcavelos and Bucelas (in the south, near Lisbon), Alenquer, Arruda, Torres Vedras, Lourinhã and Óbidos (in the centre) and Encostas d’Aire (the largest sub-region, in the north, bordering the Beiras region), all DOC, where some of the most surprising wines in Portugal are produced. Although the region is relatively small, its unique geographic features and microclimates produce a great variety of quality wines to discover in a tailor-made Wine Tour in Portugal. In its vines, the traditional Portuguese grape varieties, like Touriga Nacional, Tinta Miúda and Trincadeira, grow along the most famous international varieties, such as Alicante Bouschet, Cabernet Sauvignon and even Chardonnay, in some areas. In the vines and wineries of this region, you will be experiencing diversity through Wine Tours in Portugal.

Wine Tours in Portugal: Modernity and Tradition in Alenquer

The process of modernization of the region, which started in the 1990s, is now bearing fruits. The largest slice of investment went to the central sub-regions (Óbidos, Arruda, Torres Vedras and Alenquer) as wineries and vines were restructured, and new grape varieties were planted to complement the more traditional ones. Our customized Wine Tours in Portugal will take you on a singular journey where past and present blend, as we visit the Real Celeiro (Royal Barn, built in 1881 by King D. João VI and recently refurbished) where the region’s Top 12 Wine producers are represented, or the Quinta de Chocapalha, with its historical vineyards dating back to the 16th century. This wine tour in Portugal will offer a true immersion into the region’s history and wine culture. The owners of the estate will guide you on a visit to the vineyards, the cellars, and if you wish, you can even stay for lunch. Another estate worth take a look is the lovely Quinta do Pinto where winemaking and agriculture have been cultivated with passion for five generations. This is a family project which embodies the spirit of this singular region: a spirit of renewal, well anchored in the past, the perfect balance to discover in one of the most unique Wine Tours in Portugal.