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Food and Wine Tours in Alentejo

The Taste of Food and Wine Tours in Alentejo Alentejo is one of the prettiest and most unique regions in Portugal. Gastronomically speaking, it is also one of the most inventive and surprising places to discover. And this is why food and wine tours in Alentejo are becoming so popular […]

Cultural Tours in Portugal: Évora

Évora: the capital of Alentejo, a Cultural Tour in Portugal The roots of Évora, the capital of the Alentejo province, go back to Roman times, and this is just one of the reasons why you should not miss it if you’re planning a cultural tour in Portugal. The ruins of […]

Food & Wine tours in Portugal

Food & Wine tours in Portugal: Alentejo, a land to discover Alentejo, one of Portugal’s best-kept secrets, is a land full of beauty and traditions, increasingly known for its inimitable food and wine culture. Wine enthusiasts know that the region of Estremoz, in  Alentejo, is getting more attention as one […]

Wine tours in Portugal

Wine tours in Portugal: Discovering Touriga, Portugal’s Pedigreed Grape The Taste of Touriga: an unforgettable Wine Tour in Portugal. Every wine tells a story, and if we wanted to tell a truly Portuguese tale, it would probably start with a “T”. Among the many Portuguese grape varieties, Touriga Nacional is perhaps […]

Local Culture in Portugal

Discovering the Best of Local Culture in Portugal Eight centuries of history are not easily grasped, but a carefully designed itinerary to discover the most captivating aspects of local culture in Portugal can be a good start.