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The Ride of your Life: Biking Tours in Portugal

If you’re looking for an authentic immersion in local culture in Portugal, a trip off the beaten track and beyond the usual touristic itineraries, then traveling on a bike might just be the experience you were waiting for. Biking tours in Portugal are much more than a fantastic way to dwell into Nature and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes around the country. They present a unique way to get in touch and learn about the fascinating local culture in Portugal, a country bursting with memorable experiences waiting to happen.

Take the road less travelled in a Biking Tour in Portugal

In our tailor-made biking tours in Portugal, you will have a first-hand experience of the coast, the mountains, the rivers, and the lovely plains of Portugal, from the vineyards of Douro, to Sintra, to the Natural Park of Gerês and the stunning Costa Vicentina, among many other possible itineraries. And as you ride, your biking tour in Portugal will take you to the most authentic people and places. You will get to know the people who make this country so special, listen to their stories, and learn about all the fascinating aspects of local culture in Portugal, from the most divine food and wine experiences you can dream of, to tales of ancient traditions and the feeling of authentic hospitality.

Biking tours in Portugal: free access to a great experience

At Episode – Travel with Art we like to pick only the best travelling companions. This is why we’ve partnered with Bike in Portugal, and together we’ve created the best tailor-made biking tours programs to discover local culture in Portugal in a different way. More than guests, we are welcomed as friends: we organize customized biking tours in Portugal, with itineraries for small groups, granting you access to paths and locations that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to discover. On these fantastic biking tours in Portugal each traveler will have the ideal bike: we offer top range hybrid bikes (with a small electric engine) and also conventional ones, for the trained bikers. With hybrid bikes, almost anyone can accept the challenges we propose. Thanks to their versatility and easiness, hybrid bikes are suited to all types of bikers, giving access to unthinkable pathways. Here, every road leads to a different experience of local culture in Portugal.

With our biking tours in Portugal, an incredible path is taken. We make sure that no detail is forgotten: feel the genuine Portuguese hospitality, chat with the locals, enjoy breathtaking views on our selected secret spots, and delight in the best of Portuguese cuisine at one-of-a-kind, authentic places. After the ride, you will get a merited rest at one the top accommodations we’ve handpicked for you: charming boutique hotels where you will be welcomed as a friend to get a true taste of local culture in Portugal.