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Tailor-made tours in Portugal: time-traveling in style

In a country with nine centuries of history it seems natural that many travel experiences are really close to time-traveling. Tailor-made tours in Portugal are a great way to discover a country that literally breathes history. Portugal displays a beautiful mélange of modernity and tradition. And keeping its historical and cultural heritage alive through a contemporary approach is both a challenge and an achievement. Travelers seeking for unique experiences choose tailor-made tours in Portugal. They know there’s no better way to connect with the soul and the style of the country. But there is more than one way to do this.

Experience the classics: tailor-made tours in Portugal

Known for its world-famous wines, but also for the distinctive beauty of its landscape, the Douro is one of the most breathtaking regions in Portugal. If you are a wine-lover or nature dweller you should not miss it. One way of discovering Douro is by going from Porto by car. Another way is by taking the road less travelled. In fact, the road might be a river. The  river which connects Alto Douro (the highest, most remote part of Douro) with Porto and the Atlantic could very well be the main character of this story.

For centuries, the Rabelo boats carried wine down the river, and up again. Today, it is possible to embark on a fabulous tailor-made tour in Portugal that takes you to the heart of this legendary winemaking region on a fantastic vintage boat. The classic appeal of 1950’s and 1960’s vintage boats, in impeccable shape, adds even more charm and exclusivity to an already memorable trip. For an even more exciting tour, an experience in intimate terms with nature, try a sailing boat tour in the Douro. In total safety and style, this will give you a totally different perspective on the already majestic Douro valley.

Tailor-made tours in Portugal: vintage trains and more

Sticking with the originals can be extraordinarily appealing for knowledgeable visitors. Especially those who like to be surprised by different experiences every time they travel. This kind of discerning traveler will look for tightly curated tailor-made tours in Portuga. All the details are handpicked! This includes all types of transportation, of course. Whether it’s aboard a superb vintage boat, on a historical train from early 20th century or on a hot air balloon, the sky is the limit for an unforgettable time-traveling experience!

Take the newly launched Historical train of Vouga. It is the latest addition to the Historical Trains offer in Portugal. It is the first time that the train -with carriages from 1908 to 1925, which have been recently restored- circulates on the Vouga line, from Aveiro to Águeda. Another must for railway buffs is the Historical Train of Douro. This is a real steam train equipped with a 1925 locomotive. The train operates from June to October, following the winding course of the river, so that passengers soak in the surrounding landscape.

Top-notch tailor-made tours in Portugal

But if you’re really looking for a one-off experience, one which unites the charm of a vintage train with a five-star gourmet experience then you should check the likes of The Presidential. Built in the 1890’s, this is the crown jewel of Portugal’s railway and throughout the years it transported several statesman and historical figures visiting the country. It has been restored and is now the scenery for this amazing gourmet experience. The Michelin starred chefs share their creations with the passengers as they travel from São Bento station in Porto to the Alto Douro. The next edition will be in September and October, that ism during harvest season. Another bespoke experience to put on your list of exclusive tailor-made tours in Portugal!