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Lisbon, city of contrasts: past meets present in a stirring tailor-made tour in Portugal

One of the top city destinations in Europe, Lisbon, like the changing waters of the river Tagus, is never the same. Episode Travel’s private tours in Portugal are a great way to discover the many charms of this exceptional capital. A city of beautiful contrasts, where past, present and future are harmoniously blended, Lisbon is especially lovely during the summer, enhanced by an inimitable light and blessed by the gentleness of the climate. With a diverse and exciting cultural offer, Lisbon is a must. Feel the pulse of this incredible city in your next tailor-made tour in Portugal.

Inspiration has no limits: private tours in Portugal

Held in May, the first edition of the international art fair ARCO Lisboa was a huge success and a breath of fresh air in an already zesty art scene. Many of the parallel exhibitions which opened for the fair are still running, both in Lisbon and its surroundings, so if you’re planning a private tour in Portugal this summer you should not miss them. One of the highlights is the Bibliothèques en Feu show at the Fundação Arpad Szenes – Vieira da Silva, and the summer exhibitions at the Museu da Electricidade/ Fundação EDP, the perfect warm-up for the much-awaited opening of the MAAT– Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. MAAT summer program includes Lightopia, an exhibition on the impact of electric light in the arts, architecture and design; Segunda Natureza, an insight into EDP’s art collection, Artists’ film International (a collaborative project which started at the renowned Whitechapel gallery in London and brings together several artists working in video, film and animation) and a solo exhibition of Portuguese photographer Edgar Martins, a rising star in the international art scene. The museum, a futuristic building designed by Amanda Levette in a matchless location facing the Tagus river will open its doors in October.  This will be one of the main events of Lisbon’s cultural rentrée and you can get a taste of it in your private tour in Portugal.

Discovering Lisbon’s living heritage with tailor-made tours in Portugal

Contemporary Lisbon, with its blooming art scene and iconic architectural masterpieces designed by some of the greatest Portuguese architects (such as the stunning Pavilhão de Portugal, by Álvaro Siza) is just one of the reasons why you should include the capital in your private tour in Portugal. But our tailor-made tours in Portugal will take you farther, to immerse in the city’s glorious past and unveil some of its most precious secrets. Such as the beautiful Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo, a 17th century palace in the heart of the city, home to a museum of decorative arts and a cluster of craft workshops. Our private tours in Portugal will take you behind the scenes to discover the talent and savoir-faire of crafts men and women keeping this unique heritage alive. Another iconic aspect of Portuguese art, azulejo (glazed tiles), is also waiting to be discovered through our private tours in Portugal. At the Museu do Azulejo, set within the Convento da Madre Deus, you will relish at some of Portugal’s finest artistic treasures.

Private tours in Portugal: enjoying history and art around Lisbon

The good thing about planning your private tour in Portugal with Episode Travel is that you will definitely have it your way. We will create a personalized itinerary, suited to your needs and wishes, with visits and experiences that really interest you. If Lisbon offers an array of possibilities, our inspiration has no limits! This is why we extend our private tours in Portugal to take you to some of the most enchanting places around the capital, such as the Palácio de Queluz, a courtly retreat built in the 18TH century, known for its sumptuous rocaille interiors and ravishing gardens. Not far from Queluz, Sintra is another gem awaiting you and a must-see. A place you will not forget in your tailor-made tour in Portugal. Chosen by the Kings of Portugal for centuries, Sintra is home to one of the most unique examples of Romantic architecture in Portugal, the fairy-tale-like Palácio da Pena. Built by King D. Fernando II in the 19th century, it’s surrounded by the stunning Pena Park, planned to imitate the perfection of nature through different atmospheres. Exotic and unusual, the Park is the perfect setting for a unique contemporary art exhibition bringing together 10 renowned Portuguese and international artists who have created 10 site specific installations that explore the relationship between Man and Nature. The exhibition, called Point of View as it is an invitation to explore the park from different perspectives, creating a cultural landscape, signals the 200th anniversary of King D. Fernando II, the founder of Pena.