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Discovering Azores: a tailor-made tour in Portugal

There is only one way to describe the beauty of the Azores: stunning. The archipelago of nine islands, which you can discover in a private tour in Portugal, is a volcanic paradise in shades of green, blue and black. Recently, the Azores have been chosen second Best Islands for Sustainable Tourism by the prestigious National Geographic Travel. A tailor-made tour in Portugal around Azores is the best way to understand just why.

Private tours in Portugal: in tune with Nature

Nine islands, different experiences and impressions, a multifaceted yet genuine identity. A tailor-made tour in Portugal will unveil the authentic Azores. Plan your private tour in Portugal to discover these gorgeous islands with so much to offer. With outstanding conditions for hiking, bird watching, scuba diving, whale watching, or just contemplating pure beauty. Plan your tailor made tour in Portugal in the Azores for an unforgettable experience perfectly in tune with Nature.

Tailor-made tours in Portugal: uniquely UNESCO

The Azores is one of the only regions in the world to have all three UNESCO distinctions: World Heritage (historical centre of Angra do Heroísmo in Terceira and the landscape of Pico island vineyard culture), Biosphere Reserve and Geopark. In the Azores, private tours in Portugal will take you on an unforgettable journey of nature contemplation and fruition.

São Miguel: a unique tailor-made tour in Portugal

To go to the Azores and visit only one island is like watching the trailer and missing the movie. But if you had to choose just one island for your tailor-made tour in Portugal, it should probably bec, home to the capital, Ponta Delgada. A good start for your private tour in Portugal to discover the hidden treasures of São Miguel would be the Lagoa do Fogo, a pond of crystalline waters filling a volcano’s crater. The tea plantations of Gorreana, to the North of the island are another spot worth visiting. This is where the local tea is harvested, and a chance to stroll amidst the bushes of Camellia while delighting in the way the green plantations dissolve in the blue waters of the sea.

Terra Nostra: a tailor-made tour of one of Portugal’s prettiest parks

Terra Nostra, arguably the most beautiful garden of Azores is our next stop in our private tour in Portugal on the island of São Miguel. Located in the Furnas region, it is spread over 12 ha and offers visitors a truly special atmosphere, with endemic and exotic plants, grottoes, ponds and lakes and moth-covered paths. A tailor-made tour in Portugal at Terra Nostra will give you an in-depth experience of the place. You will stay at the charming hotel inside the park and wake up literally enveloped by nature.  This prodigious park has 2000 trees, a huge collection of Cycadaceae (55 species), a blooming garden, camellia and tree ferns, rows of never-ending Palm trees among many other botanical delights. Don’t forget to try the super warm bath at the park’s pools and outdoors Jacuzzi filled with volcanic waters.

Private-tours in Portugal: Gardens and More

With its twin lakes – one green, one blue – the famous Lagoa das Sete cidades is representative of the uniqueness of Azores. It is a must-see that you will discover from a different perspective in a tailor-made tour in Portugal. This immense volcanic crater filled with waters, is now surrounded by abundant trees, planted in 1850 by Antonio Borges,. A rich landowner who decided to improve what was already indescribably beautiful. A carefully designed private tour in Portugal on this striking site will tell you the stories behind the story. He brought several plants from his journeys around Europe (pines, beech-trees, alders, Japanese cedars, poplars and sycamores, among others) and planted them on the slopes around the lake, thus starting an incredible landscape transformation that remains untouched until today.