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Traditional and contemporary: Porto voted Best European City Break Destination in 2017

Porto was unanimously elected Best European Destination 2017. 20 selected destinations competed for the prestigious title and Porto was chosen as one of the top places to travel in 2017. Why is Porto the best European city break destination in 2017?  Maybe because of the feeling of harmony the city conveys. According to ancient Greeks, real harmony can only exist between two contrasting elements. This is precisely what Porto, Best European City Break Destination, has to offer. A unique blending of tradition and contemporariness. Founded on the right bank of the Douro River, Porto is one of the most ancient European cities. It has a lovely old quarter (the Baixa, UNESCO World Heritage site, beautiful monuments and historical shops. But a city break in Porto, Best European Destination, will reveal a thriving contemporary side to this exciting city too. A vibrant cultural life, contemporary art galleries and museums, brilliant modern architecture and fantastic food and wine experiences are just some of the reasons that make Porto so special.


An historical start: Porto Best European city break destination

A 3-day city break in Porto will give you a pretty good feel of the charm of the city. A great way of understanding why Porto was voted best European city break destination is a walk around the heart of the city, Baixa. Here you will be amazed at some of the city’s icons, such as the Torre dos Clérigos, the Romanesque Cathedral, the Estação de São Bento or the Palácio da Bolsa. For a deep dive into the past, visit the impressive Livraria Lello. Or take your espresso at the ravishing Café Majestic. Not far from here is Rua da Galeria de Paris.  A great stop in any city break in Porto, with lots of new restaurants, designer shops and bars that attract both locals and visitors. A more contemporary side of this city break in Porto as best European destination continues at Rua Miguel Bombarda. This is where a lot you can find a lot of art galleries, as well as small shops and boutique hotels. This is certainly one of the best places to feel the hype of the city.


Porto best European city break destination for foodies too!

In the food and wine chapter too, Porto is an incredible blend of long-established traditions and exciting new trends. Make sure your gastronomic city break in Porto includes both. For a very special food shopping experience visit Pérola do Bolhão, a traditional grocery store right next to the local market where you will find fantastic edibles. If you’re into wine, all the roads in your exploration of Porto, best European city break destination, lead to the beautiful warehouses where Port wine is stored. Cross the bridge and visit the timeless cellars of Gaia, for an unforgettable view of Porto and a supreme wine tasting experience. Porto has an array of very good restaurants, both traditional, like the small tascas, to contemporary food labs and top-notch Michelin stars.


Porto best European city break destination: Art and Architecture

Porto, elected best European city break destination, is internationally known as the birthplace of a privileged generation of Portuguese architects. This is noticeable pretty much everywhere you look in the city. Of course, an “architect-tour” should be part of your city break in Porto. A day spent in Porto looking for architectural gems will be hard to forget. Porto is a city with a strong architectural penchant that reveals itself in a contrasting urban landscape. The masterpieces by the architects of the School of Porto will amaze you. Don’t miss the Serralves Foundation link, by Alvaro Siza, or the project of the Alfandega, by Eduardo Souto de Moura. These projects display the harmony between past and present that is so typical of a city break in Porto.  One of the most interesting buildings in Porto is the iconic Casa da Música This amazing project by Rem Koolhaas has become an icon of contemporary Porto and a symbol of its creative regeneration