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Shopping in Lisbon: a small selection of not-to-be-missed shops

Whether you’re window-shopping, on retail therapy or determined to take some bespoke souvenirs home with you, shopping in Lisbon can be extremely fun. Some of the best shopping in Lisbon happens at Baixa and Chiado. These two historical districts are home to some of the most unique historical shops. But you will also find new stores that pay tribute to tradition. Traditional or historical shops in Lisbon are so important to the city’s identity that Lisboners are fighting for their shops. Some shops in Lisbon founded in the 19th and 20th centuries face the risk of closing their doors. These shops are getting huge media attention and sustained public support. Fortunately, there are many examples of resilience. The list of not to be missed shops in Lisbon includes an array of different shops. Shops that sell gloves, books and hats. Like Luvaria Ulisses (founded in 1925), Livraria Bertrand, the world’s oldest bookstore, and Chapelaria Azevedo Ruas. This is a famous hat shop in the Rossio square. It’s been selling hats since 1886. The poet Fernando Pessoa, who never left home without his legendary hat, was a cliente.


Shopping in Lisbon: historical places

The delicious Confeitaria Nacional, Lisbon’s oldest patisserie, is another must see in an historic shopping in Lisbon experience. This 19th century gem has been delighting visitors since 1885. Apart from the sweet delicatessen and historical recipes it has an impressive turn-of-the-century décor which fascinates visitors. Don’t forget to try the famous Bolo Rei. Near Chiado, in Rua do Loreto, is one of the oldest shops in Lisbon. The fabulous candle shop Caza das Vellas, was founded in 1789. This shop is run by the same family for six generations. It strikes for its impressive wood counter and décor. In the Baixa District, for coffee and chocolates, visit the Casa Pereira Conceição (Rua Augusta) and the Retrosaria Bijou, in Rua da Conceição. Founded in 1915, it’s unmistakable blue façade shines with buttons and ribbons. Inside, the owner – who started working at the shop when he was a kid- keeps the silvered cash register, as old as the shop itself.

Shopping in Lisbon: festive fragrances

One of the newest addresses for shopping in Lisbon is in fact more than one hundred years old. It’s Claus Porto, and it celebrates its 130th anniversary in 2017. The genuinely Portuguese beauty and fragrance brand created in the city of Porto by two German gentlemen, in 1887, is famous for its super special, vintage-looking soaps. One of our favorite shops in town, it’s the latest addition to shopping in Lisbon. This is a very exclusive shop and this unique shopping in Lisbon experience starts on the street, as the visitor gazes at the beautiful window designed by artist Joana Astolfi. By using just colored strings, labels, and maybe piles of soaps which look like bricks in a house, she creates a delicate sculpture full of beauty.

Shopping in Lisbon: contemporary cork

Cork is Portugal’s national material and a part of the shopping in Lisbon experience. The bark of the cork oak tree is a sustainable, lightweight material with incredible potential. Cork has been used for centuries in a variety of objects: from Roman shoe soles to Birkenstocks, from cork stoppers to hi-tech components, from surf boards to house hold items. The shopping in Lisbon experience explores the potential of cork in places like Pelcor, with a wide range of products made in cork skin. Travel accessories, bags and clutches and office items are some of the highlights. Pelcor’s flagship store is located just off Rua D. Pedro V, in Príncipe Real. Another great idea to discover the possibilities of cork while shopping in Lisbon is to visit Cork & Co, a multi-brand space dedicated to the world of cork. With a more design-oriented approach, at Cork & Co you can find jewellery, travel and office items and a whole home and design area featuring renowned cork collections such as Alma Gémea and Materia by Amorim, the world’s top cork producer.


Shopping in Lisbon: reinterpreting tradition

Shopping in Lisbon is a fantastic experience for those seeking for unique objects. First opened in 2007, A Vida Portuguesa (The Portuguese Life), gives you a very good sense of what the Portuguese material culture is all about. This is certainly one of the highlights of shopping in Lisbon. Especially if you’re looking for genuine, high quality articles. This beautiful spot in the heart of Chiado now has a sister-shop near the Fine Arts Academy. With its original wooden shelves and counters, it’s one of the nicest new shops in Lisbon. Shopping in Lisbon simply wouldn’t be the same without this concept which features Portuguese creativity at its best. A Vida Portuguesa was created by young entrepreneur and cultural “activist” Catarina Portas. She strongly believes in keeping the cultural heritage of Portuguese crafts and design alive for those who are shopping in Lisbon. In this shopping paradise in Lisbon, tradition is brought to life in an utterly contemporary way.  It’s a curated collection of objects that have always been part of Portuguese culture. From ceramics from Caldas da Rainha, to tapestry and wool blankets from Alentejo, to wooden toys, glass items, handmade notebooks and sardine cans.