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Trend Alert: Lisbon joins the Louis Vuitton City Guides Collection

What do San Francisco and Lisbon have in common? The hills, the tramways, an impressive suspension bridge, of course. And the fact that both cities have now joined the ultra-famous Louis Vuitton City Guide Collection. For Lisbon, a city already noted for its unique charm and bespoke trendiness, this is a fantastic recognition. In Lisbon, the Louis Vuitton city guide travels with Carminho, the Portuguese Fado singer. She is the perfect host, as her music, just like Lisbon, creatively fuses tradition with a touch of contemporary. A Lisbonite, Carminho takes the reader on an exploration of the city she loves and knows by heart. The kind of offbeat experience you will have if you plan your city break in Lisbon with an expert travel advisor like Episode – Travel with Art.

An insider’s view: Louis Vuitton City Guides in Lisbon

In 2017, the Louis Vuitton City Guides collection grows with the addition of four new cities. Amsterdam, Lisbon, San Francisco and Taipei are now on the list. Previous volumes have been updated with new addresses and recommendation. The mobile App, launched in 2015, now proposes 29 cities in all corners of the world. In Lisbon, the Louis Vuitton City Guide captures the heart the spirit of an incredible city. Written by Sabine Bouvet and photographed by Patrick Tourneboeuf the Louis Vuitton City Guide offers an original view on Lisbon, with super special recommendations and insights. More than 600 not-to-be-missed Lisbon addresses are included. Secret spots, art and culture, restaurants and cafés, gourmet delis, great hotels! Plus district guides and suggestions for walking tours are all among the themes featured on the Lisbon Louis Vuitton City Guide. This small and lovely book is the perfect companion to your city break in Lisbon. A receptacle of unbeatable experiences.

An Initiation to the city: Lisbon Louis Vuitton City Guide

Created in 1998, the Louis Vuitton City Guides collection has become a beacon for exceptional traveling. Designed with discerning travelers in mind, written and photographed by freelance journalists, the Louis Vuitton City Guidesoffer a careful selection of addresses and recommendations in the world’s most amazing cities. The allure and personality of Lisbon are brilliantly captured in this little book. An unexpected look at the city emerges as you get valuable tips for your ideal city break in Lisbon. This is the same kind of approach that Episode Travel proposes. We design and curate original, tailor-made city breaks in Lisbon and Porto, to explore the art of traveling. As experienced travelers know so well, the magic of a city lies in the many little pleasures it has to offer. And nothing feels better than getting to know a city with the help of a local, which is what we do at Episode Travel. Books like this one might be a great way to get introduced to a city as special as Lisbon. But the best way to truly experience its magic, is by planning your next city break in Lisbon and live it with your heart open.