Architecture Tours in Portugal is the perfect chance to take an in-depth look at the masterpieces created by exceptional architects, especially if you choose a tailor-made tour which will take you to some of the best architectural sites in the country. 

Architecture tours in Portugal will not disappoint the well-travelled visitor. Medieval castles, gothic churches, neoclassical palaces and Baroque manor houses coexist with stunning examples of contemporary architecture, composing an original landscape that never fails to amaze.

Designed by architects, for architects, our architecture tours in Portugal will unveil the wonders of one of the strongest elements of Portuguese contemporary creative scene.

”I have travelled widely on several continents- in all sincerity I can say that this was the most carefully and best organized trip I have taken part in. Kudos and thumbs up to you for your high level of professionalism.“
Chana and Nachum Pessin