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Lisbon Ibero-American Capital of Culture

Lisbon Ibero-American Capital of Culture: all roads lead to Lisbon Past and present intertwine in this exciting cultural celebration that is Lisbon Ibero-American Capital of Culture. Hundreds of artists and creatives from the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas will take-over the capital for the next 12 months, through more than […]

Contemporary Art Tours in Lisbon: ArcoLisboa

  ArcoLisboa: Lisbon welcomes Contemporary Art   Next May, art comes to town in Lisbon, as the first edition of ArcoLisboa, Lisbon’s sister-project to Madrid’s renowned contemporary art fair, is held, from 26th to 29 May, at Cordoaria Nacional, an 18th century building turned into an exhibition space, facing the […]

Architecture Tours in Portugal

Siza Vieira and Souto de Moura: Pritzker class architecture tours in Portugal Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura need no introduction. The two Portuguese Pritzker Prize winners are the most respected Portuguese architects and their edifices are the natural protagonists of architecture tours in Portugal. Although from different generations […]

Architecture Tours in Portugal

Architecture Tours in Portugal: history meets the contemporary   Architecture tours in Portugal will not disappoint the well-travelled visitor. Medieval castles, gothic churches, neoclassical palaces and Baroque manor houses coexist with stunning examples of contemporary architecture, composing an original landscape that never fails to amaze.

City Breaks in Portugal

City breaks in Portugal: Take a Walk on The Bright Side Selective urbanites will be fascinated by the richness and originality of city breaks in Portugal. Lisbon and Porto, the country’s two most important cities, are two absolute must-sees for anyone looking for a great city break experience in Portugal.