Wine Tour to Douro Valley

Stunning landscapes, centuries-old traditions, and some of the world’s best wines. The Douro region is a living monument, where nature embraces culture in an inimitable way. It is also the birthplace of the renowned Port wine and the beginning of your wonderful journey!

Wine Tour to Douro Valley | DOURO Vineyard

Day 1 – 2bt_mais_aboutdays

Upon your arrival at Porto you will be transferred to Pinhão, a small village in the heart of the Douro Valley. Your hotel is a sophisticated Manor house that used to serve as a Port …

Wine Tour to Douro Valley

Day 3bt_mais_aboutdays

The Cistercian monks settled in the south bank of the Douro Valley in the 12th century. Their monasteries have left their mark on the region along with the surrounding …

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Day 4 – 5bt_mais_aboutdays

En route to Porto you will visit Mateus Palace, the most spectacular baroque Portuguese Manor house where art and wine create a perfect synthesis in a baroque atmosphere complemented …