In the Mood for Douro

In the Mood for Douro

The world’s first demarcated wine region offers one of Portugal’s most breathtaking landscapes. The Douro Valley is an incredible blend of tradition, contemporary flair, natural beauty and human creativity. A “geological poem”, as the poet wrote.

Listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Douro Valley, which patiently follows the course of the Douro river from the eastern border of Northern Portugal to the Atlantic ocean, is a place of enchantment and unscathed beauty.  In 1756, it became the world’s first demarcated wine region. On its manmade terraced slopes grow the best grapes at the origin of the world-famous Port wine. Table wines came long after, in the 1990’s,  but today the region produces some of Portugal’s most characteristic and best wines. Some of them make the exclusive Wine Spectator ranking with more than 90 points!
Centuries ago, the expansion of the wine business attracted many noble families to the region, who felt the call of Douro. They founded impressive wine estates and built manor houses, many of which today have been turned into spectacular hotels. One of these properties is the beautiful Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo.
Morgadio da Calçada a 17th century manor house is now a charming hotel where tradition and modernity meet. Wherever you look the Douro Valley is a place of magic and bewilderment. You will be struck by its traditions and the best of its contemporary side, such as the modern architect’s wineries, such as Quinta do Portal, designed by Alvaro Siza.
In contemplation or excitement, the Douro Valley is always a great place to discover. Delight at the fabulous vistas from both banks of the river, try hiking in the vineyards, take part in grape harvesting, embark on a cruise in a traditional Rabelo boat, and enjoy wine tasting moments at one of the region’s quintas or wine estates. The Douro Valley will offer a perfect dwelling for your dreams.

Bordallo Pinheiro: Who but an exceptional artist to bring a common cabbage to the fancy tables of the bourgeoisie? This is precisely what Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, one of the most interesting Portuguese artists of the 19th century did, when he founded a ceramics factory at Caldas da Rainha, in 1884. Since then, his genial creations in ceramics have been conquering admirers all over the world . Technique, aesthetics and uniqueness in pieces that have become an icon of Portuguese arts and crafts.

Santa Clara 1728:  In a city like Lisbon, bursting with new touristic projects, the opening of a new hotel is not so exciting anymore. Unless, of course, we’re talking about a truly out of the ordinary, highly valuable andremarkable place to stay such as the recently opened Santa Clara 1728. A gorgeous 18th century building set in one of the loveliest Lisbon squares, with stunning views over the river was exquisitely renovated by renowned architect Manuel Aires Mateus. The hotel has a pace of its own, a tranquil vibe, and an unmatched attention to details. It literally breathes beauty.

Inside the world of Fado:
If you’re looking for a great introduction to the world of Fado, we’ve found the perfect host for you. His name is Manuel and he creates bespoke Fado experiences and tailor-made Fado tours for Episode. Manuel used to be a Fado singer so he knows Fado by heart. As you will discover, Portugal’s national song is much more than melancholy and dark shawls. Join the fadistas,  sit at the table,  listen to their stories and dive deep into the words, the melody and the meaning of this unforgettable music.

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