In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

Portugal is pure floral fantasy. Discover some of the country’s most amazing gardens with Episode – Travel With Art.

Gardens are probably Portugal’s most overlooked treasure. The fact that these blossoming wonders are for the most part hidden is actually the best part of the story: they are still relatively unknown.
Episode will open the gates of these great gardens for you, in a series of mesmerizing made-to-measure tours, from the baroque gardens of the North, to the blossoming beauties of the South, not forgetting the exotic treasures of the islands, in Azores and Madeira.
Like the country they bloom in, Portuguese gardens are unique and special. They are the blissful encounter of many influences and traditions.
Don’t expect to see the unpredictable beauty of English gardens, full of delicate roses and lavish peonies. This is another kind of flamboyance, where East meets West, Europe embraces the Orient, and different influences and species merge to create a dreamlike state of botanical feast.
It’s an invitation to take the road less traveled, yes. Will you join us?

Find out more about Episode’s Garden Tours here.

Glazing Gardens: Azulejos are one of the most relevant elements of Portuguese decorative arts. These colored, glazed tiles abound in Portuguese garden design especially in the Southern region. They are used pretty much everywhere: to decorate walls, garden benches, stairs, steps, balconies and balustrades, fountains and water tanks. Naturally luminous and colorful, they are enhanced by the beautiful light that blesses the country.

Raise your glass to Portuguese wines!
In Portugal, it’s not only nature and architecture that never fail to amaze. Food and wine too. And 2014 was absolutely fantastic for Portuguese wines! Just ask the demanding editors of Wine Spectator, the world’s most influential wine magazine, who have put no less than 3 Portuguese wines on their Top 5 list for the best wines of 2014. Check the full list here.Find out more about Episode’s Wine Tours here.

Josefa de Óbidos: A feminine gaze on the Portuguese Baroque
Opened last May at Lisbon’s Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (a late 17th century Palace with a delightfully romantic garden overlooking the Tagus river) the exhibitionJosefa  de Óbidos And the Invention of the Portuguese Baroque is an absolute must-see in the capital’s cultural calendar this summer. Find out more here.

What our friends and clients are saying about us:

“As experienced travelers we know that itineraries are necessary but it is the execution on-the-ground that makes for a successful tour. Here is where Raffaella excels – from our meeting when we arrived in Lisbon and all through our stay, she was constantly in the background checking on us, on the weather, and overseeing that our agenda was working for us. Every transfer went smoothly; each of the tour guides and drivers she selected were personable, knowledgeable and enjoyable; and, every scheduled activity and suggestion was right on! There was never a moment that we felt was wasted, never a hotel or restaurant that did not exceed our expectations”
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Blossoming from North to South: Originally from Japan, the Camellia beautifully blooms in the North of Portugal from January to March, thanks to the unique conditions of the Atlantic climate. Built on granite, the Baroque gardens of the North, such as theCasa Mateus, are simply breathtaking. Going south, catch a breeze of the baroque at the stunning Palácio Fronteira, a 17th century Palace in Lisbon, with beautiful gardens inhabited by statues, cooled by water tanks and featuring some of the finest examples of the art of azulejo. Only 20 minutes from the capital, Sintra, the “Glorious Eden” of Lord Byron, is a romantic retreat. In Azeitão, the marvelous Quinta da Bacalhôa is a unique expression of Renaissance balance and beauty with a Portuguese twist. Don’t forget the islands: discover the exotic flora of Madeira and be enchanted by the poetic palette of the Azores’ ravishing gardens, where endemic and new botanical species literally grow from the ashes of extinct volcanoes, creating an unbelievably beautiful landscape.

5 Portuguese Gardens Featured in Phaidon’s Bible of Gardeners:  “The Gardener’s Garden”, Phaidon’s “ultimate garden book” is a fabulous compendium of the great gardens of the world. From Versailles to the High Line in New York, from the Alhambra to Madison Cox’s Ain Kassimou garden in Morocco, the book includes over 1200 images and texts on 250 of the most beautiful garden you can dream of.
What’s more: 5 of these delightful gardens are in Portugal! Serralves (Porto), Palácio Fronteira (Lisbon), Quinta da Regaleira (Sintra), Quinta do Palheiro (Madeira) and Parque Terra Nostra (Azores). They are all included in our itineraries, of course. Plus other superb gardens that Phaidon just missed! We hope you join us for the first-hand experience, but in the meantime, the book can be a wonderful amuse-bouche. Find out more here.

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