Authentic Alentejo

Authentic Alentejo

Autumn is here and it looks like a wonderful occasion to slow down and embrace a different pace. Enjoy the authenticity of Alentejo with Episode – Travel with Art.

It’s still pretty much a secret. It could also be a treasure. Alentejo, one of the vastest and most seductive regions in Portugal is, for most visitors, undiscovered territory. Serene and peaceful, it’s a kind of sleeping beauty just one hour from Lisbon.
Its endless plains, where vineyards, olive trees and cork-oaks catch the eye in silence, are an invitation to meditate and slow down naturally. The people from Alentejo share this undisturbed, genuine attitude. But the stillness of the landscape, really opens up to endless possibilities.
If you look closer, you’ll discover that Alentejo is not only one of the prettiest, most authentic regions of rural Portugal. It’s also full of history, architecture and original food and wine experiences. Visitors will love to explore Alentejo’s pretty white villages and picturesque medieval towns, which have remained untouched for centuries. Marvão, Castelo de Vide, Monsaraz, Serpa and Mértola are unmissable. Évora, the regions’s crown jewel,  is a living monument dating back to the Romans, and its old town is a Unesco world heritage site.
Food and wine travelers will love to embark on a very special culinary journey. Alentejo is known for the uniqueness of its dishes, which share equal parts of tastiness and creativity. Here, cuisine is an “art of circumstances” as there is a perfect symbiosis between the region’s soil, the climate, the produce, and the inventiveness of its people, who are able to do wonders with limited resources.  Whether you choose to dwell into local culture, feel at one with nature hiking or take part in hands-on experience, you will certainly feel the change of pace. Chances are it’ll be as restful as inspiring.Find out more about Episode’s Local CultureTours here and Food & Wine tours here.

Cheers to cheese: Portugal is known for its superb wines, but did you know that it has also has excellent cheese among its gastronomic treasures? And what better company to a great wine than a fabulous cheese? There are many options, each more delicious than the next: start with the creamy and tasteful Serra cheese, probably the most famous of all, but don’t stop there. The Serpa cheese (from Alentejo) or the small but mighty Azeitão cheese should also be on your list. If you’re more into curated cheeses, then don’t miss the intense Queijo da Ilha, which is produced in the S. Jorge island of Azores.

Living Heritage with UNESCO
Did you know that there are 16 UNESCO world heritage sites in Portugal? It’s a very impressive number for such a small country,  but what’s even more impressive is the diversity of  these places of importance to cultural or natural heritage. Iconic monuments and historic centres of old towns, like Porto, Guimarães or Évora are of course included, but so is a wine region (Douro), a pre-historic rock art site (Côa Valley), a medieval University (Coimbra) and a forest (Laurel forest of Madeira). And then, of course, there’s Fado, which has been declared Intangible Cultural of Humanity. So much to do, so little time!

In Love with Lisbon
The capital of Portugal is living a glorious moment, there is no doubt, and the list of distinctions awarded to Lisbon keeps growing and growing. To name but a few: CNN has chosen Lisbon as the coolest city in Europe, a survey by TripAdvisor concluded that it is “the world’s most welcoming city” and for Time Out, Lisbon is the best city to make friends and fall in love. There is certainly a collectivecoup de foudre with Lisbon, but for the BBC it is also a great place to work and live (the best, actually). Time Out has also chosen it as the most dynamic, inspiring and sociable city in Europe but to Wallpaper, it is simply the best!

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