A Journey with a View

A Journey with a View

Even in winter, Portugal is known for its glorious sunny days and beautiful blue skies. Is there a better place to enjoy the unique light and atmosphere of Portuguese villages and cities than from a scenic vantage-point?

Probably not. From North to South, and in the islands of Azores and Madeira, Portugal has a myriad of amazing viewpoints from where to admire the urban or rural landscape.

In the North, enjoy the awe-inspiring views over the Douro Valley, with its terraced slopes and serpentine river, from São Leonardo de Galafura or Casal de Loivos. Heading to Porto, don’t miss the lovely viewpoint of the Monastery of Serra do Pilar or the view from the Sé Cathedral. Going south, in Foz do Arelho, a 800m walkway offers one of the most beautiful sea views in Portugal. In fact, Portugal’s entire coastline is a permanent invitation to contemplation. Discover the beautiful and untamed views of Cabo da Roca and Cabo de São Vicente, with their evocative lighthouses. in the countryside, picturesque villages like Monsaraz and Marvão are belvederes in their own right. Their unique location on top of hills, offers scenic views.

In Madeira, the mountainous geography offers plenty of viewpoints from where to admire the landscape and the sea, and in the Azores you can revel in the amazing views from the top of extinct volcanoes, with blue and green lagoons and the ocean stretching to infinity.

The urban landscape is also rich in astounding viewpoints. Lisbon is the city of the seven hills but it could also be known as the city of the uncountable terraces. There are 16 official belvederes in the city – they are called Miradouros, which means golden view – all of them with great views over the city’s lovely terracotta rooftops, the monuments and domes, and of course, the river, the bridge and the southern bank of the Tagus. And then, there are many alternative viewpoints, from trendy terraces to contemporary rooftops, where visitors and locals all gather for a drink or to enjoy the view in style.

Natural Wines: It’s a new trend and it’s gaining supporters in Portugal. Natural or “raw” wines, as opposed to conventional wines, are produced with a minimum intervention and no additives. More than a winemaking technique, it’s a philosophy and a way of life. Many small producers in Portugal, from the Lisbon region to Bairrada, are embracing this movement, where authentic wines are produced with handpicked organic grapes and natural fermentation processes. The purest expression of the terroir to discover in your next wine tour in Portugal.

Historical Villages: If you’re set to discover the history, heritage and culture of Portugal, then don’t miss thehistorical villages right in the center of the country. It will be a mind-blowing journey, where you will discover medieval castles, renaissance churches and ancient synagogues whille you meet the locals and learn about their lives and traditions. All mixed with authentic gourmet experiences, soft adventure moments and pure fruition of some of the country’s most romantic landscapes, filled with fruit trees and green pastures.

Sustainable Azores:
A paradise in blue and green, the Azores islands have recently been listed as one of the world’s best sustainable tourism destinations by theGlobal Sustainable Tourism Review. In addition to this, the Azores have formally presented their proposition to become the first archipelago in the world to obtain the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s certificate!

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