Pure Portugal: Serra da Estrela

Pure Portugal: Serra da Estrela At the top of the mountain, life has a different pace. Take a deep breath, immerse yourself in nature, and fill your heart with renewed energy. In the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela, Portugal’s most iconic mountains, nature and design perfectly merge to create [...] Continue Reading

An Atlantic Journey: Exploring Portugal’s Magnificent Coast

An Atlantic Journey: Exploring Portugal´s Magnificent Coast With one of the most stunning coastlines in Europe, stretching from North to South in a succession of unbelievably beautiful seaside landscapes, villages and coastal cities, Portugal’s Atlantic side is not only one of the country’s main attractions. It’s also one of the [...] Continue Reading

Behind Closed Doors: An Insider’s View

Behind Closed Doors: An Insider's View Tailored trips were one of the major travel trends in 2018 and 2019 will take this even further. Independent-minded, discerning travelers who seek a different experience want to become more immersed in the local culture when visiting a destination.  Not only do they want to do what locals do, but they [...] Continue Reading

One Country, World Heritage

One Country, World Heritage The Cultural Landscape of Sintra has just been selected by UNESCO as part of the Royal Europe itinerary. Could this be the crown jewel of a country bursting with hidden gems? Up-to-date travelers might already know that UNESCO has recently launched a platform for World Heritage and travel, an [...] Continue Reading

Celebrating 10 Years of Episode Travel with Art

Celebrating 10 Years of Episode Travel with Art   As we celebrate 10 years of activity, one thing we know for sure at Episode Travel with Art: traveling is all about the people we meet. With experience at the heart of travel, personalization is key.    Because we love what we do, [...] Continue Reading

A Journey with a View

A Journey with a View Even in winter, Portugal is known for its glorious sunny days and beautiful blue skies. Is there a better place to enjoy the unique light and atmosphere of Portuguese villages and cities than from a scenic vantage-point? Probably not. From North to South, and in the islands [...] Continue Reading

Meet the Flavors of Portugal!

Meet the Flavors of Portugal! The festive season is here and what a great opportunity to discover the tastes and flavors of Portugal's culinary culture! Portuguese cooking is essentially simple. It's also incredibly ingenious and creative. What's the secret, you want to know? Maybe It's the ability to take fantastic [...] Continue Reading

Authentic Alentejo

Authentic Alentejo Autumn is here and it looks like a wonderful occasion to slow down and embrace a different pace. Enjoy the authenticity of Alentejo with Episode - Travel with Art. It's still pretty much a secret. It could also be a treasure. Alentejo, one of the vastest and most seductive regions in Portugal is, for most [...] Continue Reading

Put Your Heart into Portugal

Put Your Heart into Portugal In art, even the great masters spend a lot of time planning, seeking inspiration and studying. The same should happen with the art of traveling. As the summer unfolds, your plans for the warm months start unravelling delicately and you delight in your vacation. While [...] Continue Reading

In the Mood for Douro

In the Mood for Douro The world's first demarcated wine region offers one of Portugal's most breathtaking landscapes. The Douro Valley is an incredible blend of tradition, contemporary flair, natural beauty and human creativity. A "geological poem", as the poet wrote. Listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Douro Valley, [...] Continue Reading