Algarve, a
Mediterranean Story

The Algarve is much more than a sandy expanse on the edge of an emerald sea, with sheer cliffs and stretches of green pine forest. Alongside its unique landscapes and ambience, the Algarve is rich in traditions and art that bear witness to its ancient origins. Our tour will take you to the well-guarded corners of the Algarve – between Faro and Tavira and up to Mértola – where an inimitable and ancient Mediterranean civilization still pulses.


Day 1bt_mais_aboutdays

Tavira, with its typically historic center and baroque churches, and its whitewashed houses that help give the Algarve its strong scent of the Mediterranean, is the perfect starting point to your journey. Set on the riverbanks of the Gilão River …


Day 2bt_mais_aboutdays

Next morning, the day begins with a boat trip through the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, one of the most exceptional natural sites in the Algarve, where you will catch sight of rare species of migrating birds and observe the striking colors …


Day 3bt_mais_aboutdays

This morning you rejoin the Guadiana River to journey through a landscape seemingly frozen in time on the way to the charming town of Mértola. After a typical local lunch composed of fresh produce and rich flavors, you will come …


Day 4bt_mais_aboutdays

It is amid the bustle of Olhão’s fish and artisans’ produce market that you begin your last day at the Algarve. After looking for the freshest products in one of the liveliest markets of the south, you head to a local farm …