Gardens and Flora
of Madeira

Its luxuriant flora is, without doubt, one of the prime attractions of Madeira. A climate somewhere between temperate and subtropical fosters the growth and acclimatization of numerous plants from all round the world, while the island’s Atlantic location, in the middle of the route between Europe and the tropics, puts it at a crossroads between cultures, bringing in a flow of plants that is still fed today by its emigrant population.

The gardens of Madeira are unique because they reflect the island’s privileged position, while at the same time having an important role in the preservation not only of endemic species but also other species that are rare or on the verge of extinction.

Gardens and Flora of Madeira

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Our proposed itinerary takes you to the Jardim Botânico, home to more than 2,000 exotic plants and a center of science and culture with a leading role in the conservation of threatened botanical species.

Gardens and Flora of Madeira

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Madeira is famous for the charm of its historical estates, famous for their lushness and variety of flora, praised by numerous travellers over the centuries. Some estates in Madeira still belong to the same families …

Gardens and Flora of Madeira

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But the best-kept secret of the island lies in its private gardens and the special visits that we can organize to discover hidden places, making the itinerary even more unforgettable. At an estate whose origins can be …