Gardens and Palaces
in Lisbon & Beyond

Lisbon is, without doubt, a charming capital city and the ideal point of departure for the exploration of natural environments of rare beauty that, from different eras and across centuries, have served as welcoming gardens and parks in a variety of styles.

On a fascinating tour we will discover the most beautiful historic and private gardens around Lisbon, Sintra and Arrábida, regions that are known for their special microclimate, at the origin of contrasts in landscape, style and vegetation.

Garden and Palaces in Lisbon & Beyond

Day 1bt_mais_aboutdays

The Era of the Discoveries will be the theme for this morning in the area known as Belém. Here you find the most significant monuments of Manueline art in Portugal …

Garden and Palaces in Lisbon & Beyond

Day 2bt_mais_aboutdays

Our third day will be spent in one of the most enchanting and idyllic areas south of Lisbon: the Arrábida National Park. We begin our exploration of this “island” of Mediterranean …

Garden and Palaces in Lisbon & Beyond

Day 3bt_mais_aboutdays

The Atlantic coast up to Cascais, with its surprising beaches and coves, is the start of this morning’s program, as you climb up to Sintra on a road that runs through a landscape of rare beauty.

Garden and Palaces in Lisbon & Beyond

Day 4bt_mais_aboutdays

The day begins at the Palace of Queluz, built in 1747 on the orders of Infante D.Pedro, and the royal family’s favorite summer residence until 1794. The French-inspired gardens are divided …