Secret Lisbon

A city of ancient traditions and monuments, Lisbon hides many secrets and stories inside its walls. On the surface, Lisbon is a city of many faces and charms, but the richness of its interiors, famous for their ornamental tiles and gilded woodwork, is second to none. Our excursion along the banks of the Tagus and up and down the city’s hills takes us behind the doors of the most notable churches, royal palaces, manor houses and glorious gardens of the capital.

Secret Lisbon | Lisbon

Day 1bt_mais_aboutdays

The Miradouro of S. Pedro de Alcântara –which boasts one of the most stunning views of the city – is the starting point for a tour designed to unveil the beauty of Lisbon’s most impressive secret spots. We will go behind closed doors …

Palacio da Ajuda em Queluz | Palacio da aJuda

Day 2bt_mais_aboutdays

The day starts at the Palácio da Ajuda, the royal palace where neoclassical and romantic interiors are celebrated as one of the most complete testaments of the European decorative arts of the 19th century. This is followed by a visit to the …

Azulejo Vista Lix det

Day 3bt_mais_aboutdays

Our last day of secret Lisbon is devoted to the fascinating art of glazed tile murals (azulejos). We start the day contemplating the fabulous reproductions of the fables of La Fontaine in the azulejo panels of S. Vicente de Fora. From …