Lisbon, a
Photographic Experience

Anyone arriving in Lisbon for the first time will be struck by the singular quality of the city’s light: clear, crystalline and pure, the light of Lisbon warmly defines the contours of a uniquely beautiful city. These are all extraordinary moments that you will set out to capture during our tour of this luminous city, as seen through the eyes of a professional photographer.

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Day 1bt_mais_aboutdays

Your photographic experience will begin by taking photographs at the Parque das Nações, the riverside zone boasting the city’s most spectacular recent architectural works. Here you will find the clean lines of Siza Vieira’s Pavilhão de Portugal

Lisboa and Tejo | Lisbon | City Breaks in Portugal | LISBON, A PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE

Day 2bt_mais_aboutdays

We start the day early so that we can capture the light of sunrise in the still-sleeping streets. Wandering on foot, you will come upon the hidden corners of Lisbon where, with the eye of a photographer, you can almost breathe in the silence …


Day 3bt_mais_aboutdays

Your last day comes with a new dimension brought by a change of pace. Just like Lisbon’s residents on Sunday mornings, you will ride bicycles to explore the cycle ways that run along the edge of the river, heading in the direction of the …